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    Complete visual inspection:

    Specialized trained personnel make a complete visual inspection of key parts of the vehicle. The results are condensed in an evaluation sheet which is given to the customer as proof of the inspection and its results. For an efficient follow up, we develop a management program specially prepared to keep track of the vehicles´ repairs and the supplies used.

    Services performed: Mechanics:

    Preventive Service: 

    + Engine tune- up and check- up

    + Engine oil replacement

    + Gearbox and transaxle

    + Replacement of oil, air and FUEL filters

    + Fluids Inspection (coolant, brakes and hydraulic steering,engine,gearbox,transaxle)

    + Replacement of belts, disc brake,brake pads, etc.

    Corrective Service:

    + Complete repair of diesel and gasoline engines

    + Replacement of shock absorbers, brakes, battery, timing belt

    + Replacement of ball joints, drag link

    + Replacement of bushings

    + Electricity, steering up, air conditioning, transmission, etc.

    Fleet Maintenance

    We have a structure that allows us to provide a qualified service to companies. We have a schedule of periodical check outs and maintenance in order to follow up the process of repairs of the different vehicles. We prepare a check list of the repair needs in order to offer a program of solutions to the fleet. We appoint the inspection and/ or supply replacement according to the factory schedules or the company´s requirements in order to ensure the vehicle´s life and to avoid sudden stops which may cause losses.

  • foto-rectificacionWe look for the solution to the most complex problems of your vehicle, as engine repair for instance.

    Our repairs include:

    + Complete engine rectification

    + Complete repair of cylinder heads both gasoil and diesel

    + Crankshaft rectification

    + Rectification, wrapping and burnishing of cylinders

    + Crankshaft electronic balance

    + Magnaflux

    + Engine dyno to 400hp

    + Camshaft and valve tappet repair

    + Piston rods repair

    + Block and cylinder head leak test

    + Reassemble engine and not load test

    + Repair of industrial and vehicle compressors

    We have a broad stock of supplies for all brands.


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    + Electronic checking through original scanners

    + We have the ultimate technology in diagnosis equipment for BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI

    + We have original interfaces for the diagnosis of heavy units of CUMMINS, VOLVO, MWM, DETROIT, DIESEL, CATERPILLAR, INTERNATIONAL, MACK, MERCEDES BENZ.

    + We have a variety of instruments for the proper evaluation of the vehicle, reducing the time in diagnosing failures.

    + Control, cleaning and recharge of air conditioning systems

    + Repair of alternators and starters

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    The services we provide are:

    + Sale of new engines with factory warranty of MWM-INTERNATIONAL.

    + Complete repair of engines for heavy and light vehicles with written guarantee

    + Rent of MWM – CUMMINS – DEUTZ engines for industry and /or vehicles



    • Agricultural

      Allied to agriculture from the start, MWM INTERNATIONAL expands this legacy with the MaxxForce A engines. Whatever your motoring requirement, terrain, or continent in which your crops may be, MaxxForce engines will help you to obtain success. Be it a tractor, a harvester or a sprayer, we have the experience to meet your agricultural needs with MaxxForce Diesel engines. All of our MaxxForce engines are as powerful as they are reliable.

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    • Stationary Power

      Back up power needs of business, developing countries and communities confronted with natural disasters require reliability and capability. That is what MaxxForce engines provide for the stationary power industry.
      We refuse to sit still in our pursuit of the ultimate power source for stationary power manufacturers. MaxxForce Diesel Power engines and the application engineers behind those products will generate a new experience for you and your customers.

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    • Industrial

      Anywhere in the world where dependable power is needed for an industrial application. MaxxForce Diesel Power engines are ready to get the job done. No matter what the industrial application, Navistar has just the right engine to meet your needs. Industrial applications include small construction and excavating equipment such as backhoes, as well as other industrial machines such as dock loaders, larger forklifts, or irrigation units to name a few. MaxxForce Diesel Power Engines will keep your equipment running at peak efficiency in even the most demanding environments.

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    • Vehicular

      Engines that meet a wide range of applications, such as light commercial, urban, regional, and long course applications. MaxxForce H engines, which provide performance, reliability, durability, and low consumption, keep your vehicle “Always Performing”. From the city to the highway, MaxxForce serve several vehicular applications for almost all types of trade. Commercial vehicle applications include: transport of beverages, civil construction, emergencies, government, location, liquid or solid materials, long or particular course, among others.

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